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Students looking at getting Advanced Pilot Certification for RPAS will now have to take a Flight Review as per Transport Canada TP 15263E. This is a critical step to ensure safety of RPAS (drones) as then intergrade in Canada. Transport Canada Flight Review Victoria  BC Remotely Pilot Aircraft Systems  Flight Review



Guide to the Flight Review - Remotely Pilot Aircraft Systems  (RPAS) Under 25 KGs

Online RPAS course for Flight Review Transport Canada

Click this link to access the Flight Review preparation course now offered online by Flight Reviewer David Carlos. 


  • The skill requirements for the Flight Review : Candidates wishing to apply for a pilot certificate – small remotely piloted aircraft (VLOS) endorsed for Advanced Operations -RPAS. The goal of the Flight Review – RPAS is to ensure that the candidate has all the required skills to plan and execute an RPAS flight safely and efficiently.
  • The Flight Review – RPAS is conducted by Flight Reviewers as third party providers in accordance with the requirements set out in CARs Standard 921.02 and the TP document.


Scope of the flight review:Drone training program for TP 15395 E

The flight review – RPAS consists of the planning, preparation, and completion of an RPAS flight.

Although aircraft performances and weight and balance are not tested as separate exercises, it is expected that the candidate will use all the applicable performance data as well as all the approved operating procedures required for a flight.

The flight review is an evaluation of the candidate’s knowledge and flight skills at the end of their training.

Prerequisites to the flight review:

In order to be admitted to the flight review, the candidate shall have:

  1. 1.Completed and passed the Small Remotely Piloted Aircraft (VLOS) – Advanced Operations exam.
  2. 2. Candidates will be issued a unique reference number directly linked to their Drone Management Portal account and additionally a second reference number for successfully passing their Small Remotely Piloted Aircraft (VLOS) – Advanced Operations exam.
  3. 3. Provide the two numbers to the Flight Reviewer
  4. 4. The Flight Reviewer will then enter these two numbers into the Drone Management Portal and verify the candidates identity based on the credentials provided.
  5. 5. The candidate must provide a valid (not expired) piece of government-issued identification that provides your name and date of birth.
  6. 6. The Candidate should be trained with experience in RPAS flight operations.



Ready to take your Flight Review? Follow these steps:

  • 1. Make sure you are prepared to demonstrate the complete "Performance Criteria" section of your Review
  • 2. Make an appointment and schedule and date and time for your Review with VAP at 250 507 6421
  • 3. Double check you have all the skill sets for manual flight, have obtained the correct documentation and studied the Knowledge Requirements for RPAS pilots based on TP 15263E
  • 4. Ensure you have taken the RPAS/UAS 101 training course or equivalent. You may also take the online Flight Reviews Course now offered by David Carlos if your are unsure 
  • 5. Meet the Flight Reviewer at your site or ours
  • 6. Obtain a flight briefing
  • 7. Fee as of May 2019 is $199.99 incl GST per Flight Review candidate (travel time charges may apply if at another site)
  • 8. Time = 1 hour



Student RPAS Advanced pilot flight review David Carlos Transport Canada Victoria, BC


Flight Review: To demonstrate RPAS Procedures and Skills:


Note: The failure of any one flight review item constitutes failure of the Flight Review - RPAS. The failure of one item will require a complete redo of the Flight Review (See TP 15395 E Appendix A 09/2018).


Note for students: The Flight Review WILL NOT emulate a training session. The candidate will have complete responsibility for the safety of themselves, the airspace, the public, and their RPAS equipment. The Flight Reviewer will only intervene to give verbal advise if safety is a factor.


DJI phantom drone training program Victoria Air Phoos


Advanced candidates now have special authorization from the Minister to act as Pilot in Command for the portion of the Flight Review. 


VAP Training now offers ground school and drone flight training sessions for RPAS pilots. These programs are for those looking at preparation for the Flight Review as well as the Advanced RPAS written exam.


It is our take that those who undergo both the Advanced RPAS  online exam and Flight Review will need some formal aviation/RPAS training education to be
successful and safe. Training is critically important in RPAS studies even as it is not a "legal" requirement by Transport Canada at this time.


RPAS pilots may also need ROC-A training which is offered in private or in our RPAS 101


Call VAP training to book a Flight Review or book a training session at 250 507 6421. 


Flight Reviewers understand candidates may be nervous, but we offer a calm, professional and friendly environment so you concentrate and perform your Flight Review with minimal pressures.


Upon debriefing, the Flight Reviewer will note which areas you are strong in, as well as point out which specific areas you will need more practice/training.



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