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Drone Security and Investigations


VAP is now offering private contract security and rouge drone investigation services in Victoria, BC/CRD area.

  • 1. Social and physical distancing monitoring by drone, warning with SARS COVID 19 Coronavirus. We can use drones to monitor and warn public to socially distance. We can report violators to police.
  • 2. Static security and remotely piloted aircraft patrols and surveillance (day or night) FLIR capable
  • 3. Private property land use investigations (IE encroachments and trespassing)
  • 4. Illegal and dangerous/threatening drone detection, activity & investigations
  • 5. Site theft prevention and deterrence 
  • 6. Training and consulting



We’ve seen the impact and risk that drones can ensue on public safety, espionage, contraband delivery, and many other threatening situations. Illigal drones use is on the rise in Canada and around the wrold, and we desire to be a part of the solution to counter these threats. 


Security Patrols:

Working with local law enforcement, UAV multi-rotors are employed now to assist and provide security by providing day/night aerial video reconnaissance as well as images of specific properties, sensitive areas, or other points of interest.

VAP’s drones can do periodic sweeps and scans of a property to assess risk and confirm there is no unwanted or abnormal activity on the site. 

Suspicious activity can be reported to police with all information and aerial photos/video.


Private Property:

If you have a large property and would like to have security patrols done on it periodically we can fly the area, collect data and forward it to you online.  Are neighbors encroaching? Is anyone trespassing or illegally dumping? Use the drone to find out.


Construction Sites: UAV rouge drone investigation services BC

Larger construction sites can use drones to do routine scans and assess security issues and deter vandalism or theft. Offender will be less likely to invade if they know it is aircraft patrolled with law enforcement standing by.


Illegal or Rouge Drones:

Increasingly, unwanted drones may be spotted near private properties or buildings and cause disturbances.  These machines can be operated several KM’s away from where it is observed, Our UAS security staff can assess these risks and investigate whether the suspicious drone(s) are illegal or legitimate. In addition, we then can track the user of the rouge drone and report it to authorities.  

UAv security  victoria bc

Using new software and hardware, VAP is also working on a system which can track and ID all drone activity in our local skies.

For more information please email straightline8@gmail.com or call us at 250 507 6421


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