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VAP is now offering private contract security and rouge drone investigation services in Victoria, BC/CRD areadrone detection and investigation services victoria BC


   1. Search and Rescue 

  2.  Static security and remotely piloted aircraft patrols and surveillance (day or night) Thermal Capability

  3. Private property & land use investigations, By-Law (IE boundry encroachments, noise pollution and trespassing)

  4. Illegal and dangerous/threatening drone activity investigations. Tracking and detection of rouge drone technology

  5. Site theft prevention, vandalism and crime deterrence. Audio warnings, lights and loud speaker messages 

  6. Training and consulting



  Drone Detection Services:


We can now track multiple rouge drones and have situational awareness of both the drone and the operator including the hardware the serial number. 

With our new hardware & software can detect, geolocate, and track both the drone and pilot in real-time while providing the drone's make, model, and serial number with only one RF sensor.

Our CUAS innovations and software fill many of the gaps currently found in legacy systems by maximizing sensor sensitivity for long-range detection and with features not found in other CUAS solutions.


"With the proliferation of drones including cheap off the shelf consumer drones anyone can access, more security threats loom for all of us."


We have seen drones used with malicious intent to harass and even stock people. In addition, rouge drones can be used to spy and detect and act as tactical weapons.

Thankfully this threat is being mitigated by counter drone technology which is now available. The systems and mobile ground station allows for independent, covert tracking and investigation of increasing drone threats.spy drone counter security services illegals'

VAP approves of this technology and working with our partners, will help developers and the public/protective services become aware of it and employ it as a counter rouge drone service provider on Vancouver Island.

"The days of anybody buying a drone and operating covertly and unlawfully over crowded areas, cities, sensitive sites, apartments high rises, airports may soon be over thankfully."  








Security Patrols:

Working with local law enforcement, RPAS multi-rotors are employed now to assist and provide security by providing day/night aerial video reconnaissance as well as images of specific properties, sensitive areas, or other points of interest.

VAP’s drones can do periodic sweeps and thermal scans of a property to assess risk and find missing persons.

Suspicious activity can be reported to police with all information and aerial photos/video.




Private Property:

We can fly over the area, collect data and privately forward it to clients securely online.  Are neighbors encroaching, posing environmental hazards, making excess noise or building without permit? Is anyone trespassing, or illegally dumping hazardous waste?

Use our drone service we can document evidence and scope areas from above legally without trespassing or causing a disruption of the peace.

RPAS flight can be conducted from a safe distance to quietly respect privacy.


 Marina secuirty by drone


Illegal or Rouge Drones:

Increasingly, unwanted drones may be spotted near private properties or buildings and cause disturbances.  

 These machines can be operated several KM’s away from where observed.

 Our UAS security staff can assess these risks and investigate whether the suspicious drone(s) are illegal or legitimate and find out who the drone operator is with tracking technology.


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