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  Drone Security and Surveillance  Services Servicesdrone security services victoria BC saanich,

►   Static security: Remotely piloted aircraft patrols and surveillance in high crime areas (day or night). Detect and report

►   Private property & land use investigations: By-Law (IE boundry encroachments, noise pollution and trespassing) water flows/flooding

►   Aerial Drone Security and Surveillance for property crime, vandalisim, dumping and other crime

►  Site Theft Prevention, Crime Deterrence: Drone loudspeaker Audio warnings, HI spot lights, cameras/video for investigation


  Call VAP at 250 507 6421 for more infomation or to book a security service 24/7

Drones with thermal capability can be used to deter, prevent and document crime in progress on your property or in your neghborhood.  




Security Patrols:

Working with local law enforcement, RPAS multi-rotors are employed now to assist and provide security by providing day/night aerial video reconnaissance as well as images of specific properties, sensitive areas, or other points of interest.

VAP’s drones can do periodic sweeps and thermal scans of a property to assess risk and record crimes or suspected criminal activity in progress. 

Suspicious activity can be reported to police with all information and aerial photos/video.



Private Property:

We can fly over the area, collect data and privately forward it to clients securely online.  Are neighbors encroaching, posing environmental hazards, making excess noise or building without permit? Is anyone trespassing, or illegally dumping hazardous waste?

Use our drone service we can document evidence and scope areas from above legally without trespassing or causing a disruption of the peace. Servicing Victoria, CRD, Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland.

RPAS flight can be conducted from a safe distance to quietly respect privacy.

 Rates $75/hour 2 hour min (Travel time and FSC may apply) Aircraft used: Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Thermal. Advanced Certified drone operator

For more information please email straightline8@gmail.com or call us at 250 507 6421


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