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NEW 2022! VAP Offers Roof, Bridge and Building Inspections 



Smart drones can access hard to reach places faster, cheaper, and with far less risk than manual inspections.


Victoria Air Photos and Survey's certified and and powerful inspection drones provide a sophisticated decision-making tool for engineers who can harness it anywhere they want, at any time and in any location safely. 



How it works? Together with edge computing and unique algorithms, VAP achieves unprecedented results.


Building Inspection Victoria BC drones Canada Israel We have taken its mastery of AI and ML capabilities gained through years of experience to develop a state-of-the-art learning tool that continuously improves its performance.






Our core technology


Our unique tool uses AI and deep neural networks trained on tens of thousands of annotated images. It applies vision technology in a variety of spectral bands and enhanced and sophisticated image analytics, which enables it to automatically identify a wide range of anomalies by using smart mathematical algorithms.

This unique solution is a harmonious combination of flight operation on any drone, together with electro-optic understanding, artificial intelligence, and machine learning — all combined into one perfect system.

With high MP still shots on your laptop or iPhone/Android you can then zoom and investigate in fine detail.

Walking on your roof area to inspect it can be dangerous. It can loosen the delicate shingles, risking damage.


 Our History:  At VAP we have been working on drone technology and their inspection applications and development for building inspections since 2013See video on inspection of building envelope. 


As of 2022, we are also partnering with a certified BC Building Inspector to assist in building inspection reporting and analytics. 




Please call us at 250 507 6421 or email us at straightline8@gmail.com to book a demo, estimate or project.


DJI M300 survey drone Victoria, BC



Having the right RPAS and camera sensor is key for accuracy and inspection quality!


At VAP our newest RPAS the DJI M300 has a 45 MP full frame survey RTK camera and can safely track, document and monitor your aging roof or building envelope for trouble such as defects, cracks, leaks, decay and water pooling.

In addition, the drone can work in rain and in wind up to 30MPH.


 DJI M300 survey and inspections

Our drones include thermal capability and can record video and photograph the gutters, drains, downspouts and vents for proper water drainage.

Link to YouTube video: High Rise Building Inspection by UAV 2015

 Dynamic Edge is a world-leading company in AI and ML technology. Through mastering our proprietary technology to deliver unparalleled performance, we’re able to provide smart solutions to the autonomous drone inspection arena.





Routine aerial camera inspections and assessments can prevent major damage before it happens by detecting trouble in advance.

Inspect your roof or building envelope the smart way! No need for ladders, scaffolds, or expensive, noisy motorized lifts with pollution.




AUV Building Inspection from the roof line and down

AUV Building Inspection showing possible problem at balcony

AUV Building Inspection showing possible problem at balcony - closeup



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