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Restricted Operator Certificate With Aeronautical Qualification (ROC-A) Training and Certification Program at VAPROC-A training Course Victoria Air Photos radio aviation VHF

The 1/2 day ROC training workshop with VAP will assist ROC-A applicants learn the techniques to speak on radio competently as well as prepare for the ROC-A exam. 

  • -Please register via email 
  • -Course dates TBA and by request.
  • -Cost: $189 plus GST including exam
  • -UAS 101 participants or graduates may challenge the exam.
  • -ROC-A Exam fee: $79
  • -Pass grade 70%


Notes: An ROC-A is required by operators of radiotelephone equipment on board aircraft and at aeronautical land (fixed and mobile) radio stations using aeronautical mobile frequencies.

At this time it is mostly an exception for UAV pilots to engage in direct communication with Air Traffic Services via handled radio (or the like) However, there are instances where radio comminication may be necessary to improve safety and best practice.

Examples of UAV/drone VHF use may include:

  • - Within Class G airports near aerodromes (within 5 miles)
  • - Pilot to pilot communications on Aerodrome Traffic Frequencies or en route frequencies
  • - Within controlled airspace (by request or approval of ATS management)
  • - Within Class F Special Use Airspace (IE UAV test range)
  • - Emergency situationsVHF aviation radio training industry canada examination


Students should diligently study the following guide prior to taking the course or exam. ROC-A Study Guide

 VAP is now offering ROC-A training and examination in addition to UAS 101. Learning to talk on a Aeronautical Radio station professionally and to a aviation standards is a requirement of UAV pilots operating in Canada.

The ability to understand proper aeronautical radio communications will help the UAV operator maintain situational awareness and improve safety.

David Carlos or VAP is Industry Canada certified and approved to conduct ROC-A examinations email David Here.


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