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Surveying and Mapping with DJI M300 RTK and P1 or LIDAR

DJI M300 with P1 cmaera for survey work victoria bc


 VAP has completed successful drone survey and mapping missions using our state of the art NEW DJI M300 and P1 survey camera . When it comes to drones, accuracy is key, and this platform delivers!

Conventional drone mapping can be several meters off, but using RTK (Real Time Kinematics) and the brand new zP1 45 MP full framed survey camera, 3 cm accuracy can be achieved without GCPs!

Qualified surveyors, land developers and engineers will benefit from our  services. Our UAVs are continually proving to be powerful tools, simultaneously providing leaps in efficiency and safety. 

VAP's drone has the capability to fly in poor weather conditions including rain and wind (see video BELOW). optimal weather conditions during flights are much less of a concern when flight PLANNING in complex zones, collecting data  and achieving mission objectives which are often EXTREMELY time bound. We have found that Quality data is not COMPROMISED. 

With our ability to capture data with ground corrections, advanced RPAS have been successfully integrated into surveying workflow and more. Verified using certified BC Land Surveyors, we can provide photogrammetry, point clouds, 3D/2D mapping, topographic surveying, Precision Agricultural(PA) work and more.  



Survey drone work services Vancouver Island BC


► What is a drone survey? 

A drone survey is mostly an autonomous, computer controlled flight in which a survey conducted from overhead using a drone (RPAS).

  • RTK RPAS Surveying is the new precise science of determining the positions of, and the distances between, points in 2D and 3D space. Surveys provide critical information that enables informed decision making ranging from construction site planning, to design and upkeep of infrastructure, to delineating property boundaries, and more.


photogrammetry surveys data GPS





Our experienced RPAS/Drones services, excel at rapidly acquiring data from vantage points.

►  When surveying challenging terrain, drones make it unnecessary for human operators to physically access and measure points in hazardous or difficult-to-reach locations.

►  Additionally, while traditional surveying methods require meticulous measurement, preparation, and planning, RPAS flown skillfully, can capture comparable CM accurate data in dramatically shorter time frames. 

►  For example, STRABAG, a leading Austrian construction company estimates pro RPAS/drones enable them to conduct surveys with 75% reduced GCP set-up time!



In sum, the RTK M300 with P1 drone surveying produces quality results quickly, and adds to profitably/low cost! 




► What kinds of deliverables can you achieve with drone surveying? 

 Depending on your choice of data sensors and surveying software, drone surveying can produce Orthomosaics, Contour DXF (AutoCAD) RAW Elevation Value (DEM) 3D Models, Point Clouds, Contour SHP (Shapefiles),  Stockpile Analysis and a host other supported exports formats, layers and many other files types by request. Possibilities are endless!

 Utilizing photogrammetry, companies capture aerial imagery and generate valuable insights from large data sets, making it possible to see and measure the changes occurring over time on job sites, mines, and properties.


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volume mentrics using a drone victoria bc



Photo: Example of a mapping project completed by VAP using a drone software program to calculate the precise volume of aggregate piles for construction manager at the push of a button.

  •        When paired with a few GCPs, survey-level accuracy can be achieved. VAP can employ a BC Land Surveyor to set GCP's in specific location for a project and verify workflows and quality control.


► More Information on The Concept:

1.     Survey DRONES are quickly becoming an integral part of our toolkit as service providers.

2.     Our customers are seeing huge time savings and decreased costs thanks to RPAS technology.

3.    In some cases, sites can be surveyed.

4.    20x faster than they would through traditional ground methods.

5.  Not only do drones increase efficiency, but for many managers, drones can be a much safer choice too!




 How can drones help surveyors and engineers? A review:UAV drone survey drone deploy victoria bc Canada


► Create topographic maps: Use drone data to save time and lower costs while creating accurate topographic maps.

► Produce survey-grade maps: When paired with powerful drone mapping software, and ground control points, drones can produce survey-grade maps and accurate 3D models in hours, as opposed to days.

► Improve safety: Reduce the amount of time crews spend walking sites or navigating dangerous areas.

► Lower costs: Lower costs for yourself and your clients by performing surveys in a fraction of the time compared to traditional ground methods.

► Integrate with industry software for additional analysis: Drone maps and models can be easily imported into most industry software. As a surveyor, you can provide your clients with additional information that they may not otherwise have, like 3D models that can be used for inspection and compliance.



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