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Surveying and Mapping with DJI M300 RTK  ZP1 or DJI Z L2 LIDAR

DJI l2 LiDAR drone services Victoria, Langford


   Since 2013 VAP has the right survey drone survey solutions for your business.

   Using RTK: (Real Time Kinematics with our RTK Mobile Ground Station) and the new ZP1 45 MP full-framed survey camera payload can achieve survey grade accuracies. Using the new L2 LiDAR we can achieve a relative average of 2.5 cm and get through vegetation.

Workflows using BC Land Surveyors: Given the high demands of precision, variables and legal framework, VAP always uses a professional and reputable certified BCLS to direct and processes legal land surveys. 

►  Reliability is key: Precision and quality control for drone orthomosaics and land survey mapping is extremely high. Quality deliverables cannot be achieved with consumer grade drones.

►  Non-Legal Reference Only Deliverables?  Our data may be used for general reference/non-legal use only. If this is the case, we can acquire the high-quality data for you to process, or process it for you using our software. This is suitable for those who want data which is non-legally binding. 


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Who we work with?

► VAP works with qualified BC Land surveyors, government officials, land developers and engineers who benefit from accurate, legal drone data. Our hardware systems are continually proving to be powerful tools, simultaneously providing leaps in efficiency and safety. 


 ► What is a drone survey? 

David Carlos on drone survey services in Victoria BC

A drone survey is mostly an autonomous, computer controlled flight in which a survey conducted from overhead using a drone (RPAS).

RTK RPAS Surveying is the new precise science of determining the positions of, and the distances between, points in 2D and 3D space.


More examples:

►  When surveying challenging terrain, drones make it unnecessary for human operators to physically access and measure points in hazardous or difficult-to-reach locations. Highways are examples of dangerous areas for ground crews to work.

►  Additionally, while traditional surveying methods require meticulous measurement, preparation, and planning, the right M300/P1/L2 RPAS flown skillfully, can capture comparable CM accurate data in dramatically shorter time frames. 

  Using our drone services with the RTK M300 with ZP1 or L2  produces quality results quickly, and adds to profitably/low cost! 


► What kinds of deliverables can you achieve with drone surveying? 

With our PRO grade Sensors and surveying software, P1 adn L2 surveying can produce Orthomosaics, Contour DXF (AutoCAD), LAS files, RAW Elevation Value (DEM) 3D Models, LAX Files, Point Clouds, Contour SHP (Shapefiles),  Stockpile Analysis, and a host other supported exports formats, layers and many other files types by request. Possibilities are endless!




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