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VAP's Volume Metrics Drone Scan Services 


Unlocking the power of Victoria Air Photos and Survey RPAS technology for real-time volume of your stockpiles or cuts in Victoria, the Vacouver Island or The Lower Mainland, BC


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  • We can provide an extremely fast, accurate and cost-effective method to analyze volumes and provide timely reports. 
  • Our professional, survey grade RTK camera (ZP1) and RPAS (M300) ensure the best results possible for photogrammetry Volume Metric Techniques. 
  • We can safely fly the drone to measure stockpile volumes instead of sending a crew to traverse a dangerous site.
  • Site management can track their inventories and site progress faster, safer and in a more reliable way!
  • With customizable inventory reports for stockpiles, we can give everyone-from production supervisors on site to auditors in the head office the data they need to make mission-critical decision faster.


Why Drones for Volume Metrics?

  • Surveying stockpiles with drones is significantly faster and less obtrusive to daily processes than traditional base-and-rover methods. In fact, everything we do at Victoria Air Photos and Survey  is intended to make surveying workflows—and, thus, all earthwork operations—more efficient
  • The benefits of optimizing reporting and reconciliation operations aren’t isolated. We’ve found that, once our customers settle into a drone surveying and reporting workflow, they have more flexibility to start leveraging the highly accurate maps  for higher-value in-pit analysis, like comparing surveys to mine-plan designs.
  • Streamline every stage of a site's lifecycle, including  the reclamation process by having more relevant reports early on.
  • In short it is easy to see the value accurate stockpile measurements and smarter inventory reporting brings to every corner of a mining or aggregate business. 



Accuracy and legal considerations.

  • If your require a legal report and/or need the best possible accurate data available, we strongly recommend our drone services (with LiDAR based point clouds) coupled with a local BC Land Surveyor we are partnered with for topographic survey projects.

  • In addition to some limited ground control done by trained survey crew/technitions, targets are also placed on the ground for absolute verification in this controlled workflow. Our very reputable BCLS can also provide you with a formal legal report which is certifiable.

  • ***Important Considerations: Even as our data reportings are very accurate with our RTK drone and photogrammetry approaches, without the BCLS involvement, data and deliverables should taken as general "reference purposes" only.  It should NEVER be treated as a legal land survey. Some "off-the-shelf" drones and services provide very poor data sets which should never be used as any standard.***

aggregate volume calculation using drones



  • ► Using drones to calculate stockpile measurements makes it easy to compare your current stockpile volumes to previous surveys and track site progress.
  • ► You can also compare stockpile surveys to a final grade design file to calculate how much material you still need to add or remove.
  • ► With geo-referenced images captured by a drone flying above your worksite, you can use photogrammetry to generate a 3D map of your site with measurements accurate to 1/10ft (3cm).
  • ► Easy to use software means you can take a variety of measurements, including stockpile volumes.
  • ► Using drones to measure stockpiles is quickly becoming a go-to surveying workflow for earthwork sites around the world.









 Video on Volume Metric Workflows



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