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  RPAS 200 Course Description:

NEW!!! RPAS 200 (Advanced Multi-Rotor Applications and Study)

Looking for more training and groundschool? RPAS 200 will dig deeper into more complex applications of Remotley Operated Aircraft Systems and Transport Canada RPAS Pilot Training Requirements

RPAS 200 study material includes more focus on complex operations, autonomy, air law, meteorology, air navigation, RPAS airframes and systems, payloads, radio theory, human factors, mapping, small business practice, RPAS crew, UAV safe handling and more.

Completion of RPAS 200 Advanced will qualify you for the new Cadet Program which can get you up flying right away!

Both RPAS 101 and RPAS 200 combined will include a total of about 45 hours of groundschool for the UAV student pilot.

RPAS 200 is suitable for governmental organizations, protection services (police,fire and SAR), RPAS or model flying clubs, and college/university students. It is also for those who want to learn more and advance in their skill level. In addition, corporate customers looking to add RPAS service to their business operations will also benefit. 

Students will get a chance to get familiarized and fly the DJI Inspire 1 V2 (pictured above) with full Dual Control in "Coach Mode" so the flight instructor can assume control with dual controls.

More general UAS aviation knowledge and UAV safety standards will also be studied in UAS 200.

One of the course sections will focus on mapping and survey operations using autonomus waypoint navigation, and new UAS software. As part of this course, a flight plan will be made to conduct an autonomous UAV flight mapping mission in Controlled, Class C airspace.

In addition, UAS 200 will include practice and discussion on:

  • - UAV's operations at night (including a practical)
  • - UAS Flight Simulators and their uses and limitations
  • - Flying UAS using instruments and telemetry data only (with Visual Observer)
  • - Visual navigation using First Person View only (FPV with Visual Observer)
  • - UAV Operations using extended line of sight
  • - Flying the UAV in strong wind and/or poor, marginal weather conditions
  • - Extraordinary operations including launch and recovery from marine vessels 

Study of the complex and advanced uses of UAV will also include:

- UAV use for reconnaissance and tactical patrol operations
- UAV use for search and rescue operations including night flight and the  use of FLIR cameras and sensors
- UAV use for payload (IE emergency supply) sling delivery, towing, and other logistical support service

We will also discuss business practice, the industry as a whole, and current and future career opportunities for RPAS pilots. We will also address challenges facing the industry as well as issues/ethics.

The successful completion of the course may make certificate holders eligible for job opportunities within VAP.

VAP operational crew members include: RPAS Pilot and/or Ground Station Managers, sensor operators or and Visual Observers.

 UAS 200 Prerequisites

  • - Completion of RPAS 101 or...
  • - Standing SFOC or...
  • - Canadian Private Pilot's Licence (or higher), and proven strong R/C rotary wing aircraft experience and...
  • - CAT 4 medical/ good overall health, eyesight and hearing and...
  • - 18 Years old

UAS 200 class for colloege students


RPAS 200 Tuition Cost: $875 

 *** Note: UAS 101 and UAS 200 may be combined to form a 5 day course ****

UAS 101 &200 Cost: $1600.00

 Dates and Times: TBA subject to course participation

 Call 250 883 4229 for more information

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