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 Online & Practical RPAS Advanced Flight TrainingZoom for online streaming and learning 


VAP is now offering a live ZOOM session, RPAS 101 online training sections, as well as an in-person practical flight training in one "Package"!

RPAS training via Udemy for transport Canada certification David Carlos


All your questions will be answered during the live online session as well as the practical class by our expert RPAS pilot instructor and consultant, David Carlos. 

We feature small, limited group numbers (5 max) for maximum class interaction and learning experiences.

Our training sessions includes our powerful, power-point slides, videos, diagrams, illustrations, and more to ensure the Transport Canada drone learning requirements are exceeded.


How the online/in-person option works?

Upon registration/tuition payment, you will receive the following training package with no additional costs:

Online RPAS drone flight training

  1. 1.  An invitation to the 1 day ZOOM interactive class session (class dates set below)
  2. 2.  RPAS 101 Udemy online sections (must be completed before Zoom meeting)
  3. 3.  RPAS 101 Advanced exam prep course (may be completed after practical)
  4. 4.  RPAS 101 Advanced Flight Review prep course (may be completed after practical)
  5. 4.  Email handouts of critical RPAS 101 review material
  6. 5.  ROC-A (aviation radio) course and written/oral exam on your own time
  7. 6.  An in-person outdoor drone flight training class for 1 full-day at VAP's RPAS test range in Saanichton. Course written exam
  8. 7.  Certificate of RPAS 101Training will be issued upon completion
  10. ***COVID 19 physical distancing observed all times during outdoor practical session***


 Cost for entire RPAS 101 Online Package option: Only $675 plus GST!


Call David Carlos direct at 250 507 6421, email now or to register via PDF online here!

While the UDEMY online courses are self-paced, we recommend allotting a week to complete the entire RPAS 101 course. Remember, students must first complete the RPAS 101 online sections before progressing to the zoom class, and the practical drone flight training at our RPAS practice/test range in Saanichton.

Police and military training with Victoria Air Photos RPAS classes

New RPAS 101 Zoom Online/In-Person Flight Training Dates

June 24-25, 2020 from 0900-1500

July 18-19, 2020 from 0900-1500 (weekend option)

July 29-30, 2020  from 0900-1500

Aug 13-14, 2020 from 0900 -1500 

**RPAS 200** Aug 15-16, 2020 from 0900-1500 (weekend option)

Sept 16-17, 2020 from 0900-1200  

Sept 30-1, 2020 from 0900-1500

Nov 20-21, 2020 from 0900-1500


 Note: Udemy training sections for RPAS 101 must be completed before attending these courses above. Allow 2 days to complete these online sections.



 Victoria Air Photos Training has been involved with RPAS instruction since 2013 and trained over 2000 drone pilots since! We also do private/closed group training for organizations or companies.


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VAP has trained civilian, police, military, and other government/civic services in addition to hundreds of aspiring UAV/RPAS remote pilots from all backgrounds. Learn to fly safe and legally. Those in the know, train with the pro!


RPAS Drone flight training online

Transport Canada approved schools for drone training

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