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UAS Business Training and Support Services Victoria, BC

UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) technology is very new and developing very fast.

The instructor David Carlos is certified by Transport Canada for UAS instruction.

We are working with Transport Canada Aviation at developing new training strategies. Training is needed for emerging maketes and for those looking for a career in the UAS industry. Proper training from our drone experts will help ensure that UAS technology, with all their great potential uses, are offered to the public in a safe, responsible, and reliable manner.

Students in class for UAS instruction

Our Objectives

The focus of UAS 101 is teaching students the fundamental and foundational skills needed in UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) operations. We strive to study how the systems are to be used in a safe manner, while being Transport Canada and SFOC (Special Flight Operators Certificate) compliant.

This will help ensure UAS operations are in "best practice" and public safety, security and privacy points are taken into consideeration. We aim to make UAS systems and their pilot's an overall benefit to humanity as they integrate into the public life in the future. 

What UAS graduates are saying:

"Hi David, Thanks for an excellent course a couple weeks back. I learned a lot in such a short time!" Randy K Scharien Assistant Professor Department of Geograph University of Victoria, BC April, 2016

“Really ejoyed seeing David with full gear on first day of class…he showed the importance of safety and professionalism of UAV operators. David was great at answering all questions, showing both his experience and knowledge.”  Christ Lai, Royal Roads University graduate/entrepreneur Victoria, BC November, 2015                                                                                                                                             

"Thanks very much for this course,  and all of your help. I was able to acquire a blanket permit a few days ago, which is what the end goal was from the training I took from you back in June. Couldn’t have done it so quickly without you."  David Retzer, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Kamloops, BC June 2015                                                                                                                                                      

“Thanks David, look forward to more of your training. Thoroughly enjoyed it.”  William Michael, Rotary wing pilot/Capt. RCAF, Ret. Victoria, BC November, 2015                                                                     

“Hi Dave, The course was great!  No regrets, money well spent.”  Tim Allix  Business Owner/UAV Pilot Parksville, BC  November, 2015                                                                                            

"Hi David – First thank you so much for the UAV pilot training. It was a great experience and I thought your delivery was just the right amount of technical mixed with the realism of how to get things done in the real world.... I finally received an SFOC from Transport Canada – for the entire Prairie and Northern Region (AB, SK, MB and the Northwest Territories)!! Amazing!I have to believe that much of the information you shared and the recommendations you put forward had an impact on their decision to allow us flight operations in such a vast area. It’s very exciting as I can now travel to other Agrium sites and do aerial photography for them as well!Thanks again for all of your guidance and wisdom. Best Regards"   Cory Wald, B.Ed., CRSP Senior Supervisor, EHS&S Agrium Fort Saskatchewan, AB January, 2016

About The Course,

Studies include ATC (Air Traffic Control) procedures, the Canadian airspace regulations/laws, as well as other safety rules which continue to written out by Transport Canada Aviation and the Canadian Air regulations (CARs).

The UAV pilot and instructor is certified as a “manned” fixed wing pilot, as well as a Commercial UAV pilot.

New Transport Canada rules governing commercial UAV's are now requiring that UAV pilots prove a certain level of expertise and training in aviation studies as well as UAV systems before being granted a UAV pilot permit (SFOC) or even a certificate exemption.

Soon, Transport Canada will have their own written exams and other UAV commercial pilot standards to pass.

A prospective candidate who shows that he has completed training and testing (from a UAV flight or ground school) will be recognised by Transport Canada. The aviation study requirements are similar to that of a "manned" fixed wing, or rotary wing pilot.

Instructor outside giving UAS training

Considerations of what a UAS pilot must know

  • Eventually, UAV pilots and their commercial operations will carry similar licences, permits and other requirements as manned aircraft companies
  • A UAV pilot should be an expert in the aviation field and possess fundamental understanding of the complex aviation world. A commercial UAV pilot must have the ability to take off, fly, and land a UAV manually (LOS or FPV) with complete confidence and ease. UAV pilot must also be able to communicate with ATS competently
  • A pilot's understanding of meteorology is also critical for safe flight and decision making
  • Navigation aeronautical chart reading, position reporting and situational awareness
  • A UAS pilot should understand and have the ability to manage complex computers, command and ground control stations (GCS), program autopilot, flight controllers and use various software/firmware applications
  • If you would like to learn to fly a UAV, or have a business which may benefit, Victoria Air Photos and Survey now offers private, low cost, professional consulting, training and support in Victoria and Vancouver BC


Privacy & Issues of UAS

A UAV pilot must be aware of privacy and public relations issues that come with UAS applications. The UAV can be a magnet for media attention.  The UAS pilot must be aware of standards and practices to always respect privacy. This will be covered and discussed in the course


UAS Instructor with UAV and flight in progress sign by the ocean

Course Dates

 UAS 101 (Multi-Rotor): Cost $675 +GST

  • June 24-26, 2016
  • July 22-24, 2016
  • Sept 16-17, 2016
  • Oct 21-23, 2016
  • Nov 25-27, 2016


UAV Specific Training:   Link Here for details:  DJI Phantom Multi-Rotor 1 Day Course 



Island Savings Credit Union, Mayfair Shopping Centre Address: Selkirk Room, 3147 Douglas St, Victoria, BC V8Z 6E3 Phone:(250) 385-4476.

Times: Day 1: 0930-1600, Day 2: 0930-1545, Day 3: 0930-1200 (location mapped in class)


YouTube Link to Global News Reports on inportance of UAS 101 (multi-rotor) May, 2015

Global News Reports on inportance of UAS 101 (multi-rotor) May, 2015

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CBC News Interview on UAS 101 with David Carlos May, 2015

Link to CTV NEWS on 3 day UAS Training Program

CTV NEWS on 3 day UAS Training Program

We believe in 3 components of training and expertise.

  • Knowledge (Class work, books, lectures and so on)
  • Experience (Actual hands on experience, hours logged flying aircraft, manned or unmanned)
  • Equipment (The actual UAV, aircraft, radio system, UAS/ground station/GCS)


While money can buy very capable UAS equipment, it cannot buy the 1. knowledge, and 2. experience necessary to safely operate unmanned aerial vehicles.


See related links with commerical UAV pilot David Carlos speaking publicly to the news media about UAV and other drone issues


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