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UAV Business Training and Support Services Victoria BC.UAV Training and business support Victoria BC

UAV technology is very new and developing very fast.

 We are working with Transport Canada Aviation in developing strategies in order to ensure that UAV technology, with all their potential uses, are offered to the public in a safe, responsible, and reliable manner.

At the same time, we are working to ensure they are integrated into the civilian airspace system in a safe manner by observing strict rules, ATC (Air Traffic Control) and the Canadian airspace regulations/laws. With the UAV pilot certified as a “manned” fixed wing pilot, we are aware of these laws and norms of the aviation world and system.

If you would like to learn to fly a UAV, or have a business which may benefit, Victoria Aerial Photos and Survey now offers private, low cost, professional consulting, training and support in Victoria BC.

Ground Station


We believe in 3 components of training and expertise.

  1. Knowledge   (Class work, books, lectures....)

  2. Experience   (Actual hands on experience, hours logged flying aircraft, manned or unmanned)

  3. Equipment    (The actual UAV, aircraft, radio system, UAS and ground station)

While money can by very capable UAV equipment, it cannot buy the  2. knowledge and 3. experience necessary to operate unmanned aerial vehicles safely. We offer the building of knowledge and experience components for those seeking to advance professionally.


UAV Training program TBA FAll 2014. Please make sure your name is on this list!


Training program, will discuss each component and work to build each of them up to a level which will be suitable for your situation

If you have no experience flying manned aircraft or flying RC aircraft, you will need help and guidance to avoid costly mistakes and potential injury/damage.

The total time spent training will be logged in your UAV Pilots Log.

The training program will be self paced and include ground lessons, checklists, and the steps necessary for Transport Canada certification, (Special Flight Operator Certificate, SFOC)

This licence (SFOC)  is for those who fly drones/UAV's or any RC aircraft, professionally and for hire, profit or monetary compensation. It requires the holders to understand basics of aviation, and safety as well as a certain level of UAV knowlege and experiance.

See our Rates Page for UAV workshop training fees.

Product Support:

We are available to provide product support for our clients and those training with us. After we assess your UAV platform needs and flight capabilities, we can then build a complete UAV platform which would be the most practical for your specific applications. Working with our partners, we will help you with any issues and questions you may have.

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