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UAS (Unmanned Air Systems) technology is very new and developing very fast.


Global News Reports on inportance of UAS 101 (multi-rotor) May, 2015

CBC News Interview on UAS 101 with David Carlos May, 2015

CTV NEWS on 3 day UAS Training Program.

  •  The instructor David Carlos is specifically certified by Transport Canada to train in UAS operations. We are working with Transport Canada Aviation at developing new training strategies. This will help ensure that UAS technology, with all their great potential uses, are offered to the public in a safe, responsible, and reliable manner.

New Course Info below.  Please book early.

Next course dates  for UAS 101 (Multi-Rotor): Cost $575

October 23-25 2015 (Class Postponed. Students enrolled get priority for the November class)

 November 20-22, 2015 (Firm)

January 22-24, 2016

Our Objectives: The focus of UAS 101 is teaching students the fundamental and foundational skills which ensure UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) are operated in a safe manner, to be SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate) and be Transport Canada compliant to "best practice." This will ensure public safety and the UAS and pilots will be a benefit to humanity.

UAV Training and business support Victoria BC

About the Course:

Studies include ATC (Air Traffic Control) procedures, the Canadian airspace regulations/laws, as well as other safety rules which continue to written out by Transport Canada Aviation and the Canadian Air regulations (CARs). 

The UAV pilot and instructor is certified as a “manned” fixed wing pilot, as well as a Commercial UAV pilot.

New Transport Canada rules governing commercial UAV's are now requiring that UAV pilots prove a certain level of expertise and training in aviation studies as well as UAV systems before being granted a UAV pilot permit (SFOC) or even a certificate exemption.

Soon, Transport Canada will have their own written exams and other UAV commercial pilot standards to pass.

A prospective candidate who shows that he has completed training and testing (from a UAV flight or ground school) will be recognised by Transport Canada. The aviation study requirements are similar to that of a "manned" fixed wing, or rotary wing pilot.


Considerations of what must a UAS pilot must know:

  • Eventually, UAV pilots and their commercial operations will carry similar licences, permits and other requirements as manned aircraft companies
  • A UAV pilot should be an expert in the aviation field and possess fundamental understanding of the complex aviation world. A commercial UAV pilot must have the ability to take off, fly, and land a UAV manually (LOS or FPV) with complete confidence and ease. UAV pilot must also be able to communicate with ATS competently
  • A pilot's understanding of meteorology is also critical for safe flight and decision making
  • A UAS pilot should understand and have the ability to manage complex computers, command and ground control stations (GCS), program autopilot, flight controllers and use various software/firmware applications
  • If you would like to learn to fly a UAV, or have a business which may benefit, Victoria Air Photos and Survey now offers private, low cost, professional consulting, training and support in Victoria and Vancouver BC

Ground Station

 We believe in 3 components of training and expertise.

  1. Knowledge   (Class work, books, lectures and so on)

  2. Experience   (Actual hands on experience, hours logged flying aircraft, manned or unmanned)

  3. Equipment    (The actual UAV, aircraft, radio system, UAS/ground station/GCS)

While money can by very capable UAS equipment, it cannot buy the  1. knowledge, and 2. experience necessary to operate unmanned aerial vehicles safely.


 Privacy & Issues of UAS:

A UAV pilot must be aware of privacy and public relations issues that come with UAS applications. The UAV can be a magnet for media attention.

See related links with commerical UAV pilot David Carlos speaking publicly to the news media about UAV and other drone issues:

Check News        Oak Bay News     Times Colonist

CTV News 


UAS 101 Basic (Multi-Rotor) Pilot Certificate Program UAV Training Victoria BC class, course

We have successfully trained dozens of UAS students to date

(UAS 101 Basic) 3 day (Multi-Rotor) Certificate Program.

The next UAS 101 course dates for 2015-2016:
  •  November 20-22, 2015
  • January 22-24, 2016
  • February 19-21 2016

UAS 101 (Multi-Rotor) Location: Island Savings, Mayfair Mall 3195 Douglas Street Victoria, BC

Cost $575

Basic Applicant Prerequisites:

  • At least 18 Years of age
  • Good overal health and fitness with good eyesight (corrected as required)
  • Command of English and Math.
  • Texts: "Unmanned" Link for order here (Text for UAS Studies) OPTIONAL texts, "From the Ground Up" Link Here 
  • "AWARE" Aviation Weather All Ready for Emergency by Environment Canada. (Free Download)
  • Pre study ROC-A for Aviation Radio Licence Link here , Industry Canada. (Free Download)
  • TAC VFR (Terminal Area Chart, Vancouver) for sale at any pilot shop or Nav Canada

(Instructor may have texts and charts for sale at class. Please advise)Unmanned a text for uav studies. UAV course Vancouver BC

UAS 101 will include 2 full days of intense ground school, handouts, and flight theory training followed by an exam. The Radio Operator's Certificate  ROC (aeronautical) is included in the study (test to be done by certified ROC test examiner on students' own time)

Day 3 will be a 1/2 day practical flight training for each student on a field and/or an indoor controlled environment. (Flight training can be done on the student's small, light-weight rugged trainer quad copter.)


"Comfort Inn" Victoria, BC Link here....mention you are a UAS 101 student with VAP for a discount!

 Flight School (3rd Day):

Students will see demonstrations on how to safely control, navigate and land the UAV multi-rotor in a designated zone with no GPS or autopilot assistance.  Students will be shown simulated emergency situations and be trained to provide the instructor with a proper checklist to deal with the scenario, (UAV unresponsive, out of control, out of sight, in a collision, etc). Students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate flight control ability in various situations as well.

Note: Students who have little or no experience flying RC aircraft including multi rotors should discuss with the instructor what the best option is in order to begin flight training. The instructor will likely recommend a small, indoor, micro UAV like this indoor Cobra 3.5, or a rugged trainers like the "Lil Dragonflyer" or "101R Quad flyer" here. Various flight simulators are also recommended to enhance hands on skills for flying RC and FPV.

After passing the written exam (60% pass) students will be awarded the certificate of UAS training from VAP. The session will end by lunch on the 3rd day after certificates are issued.

Note: While this workshop will help in your UAV/UAS training, finishing this course will not necessarily guarantee that you will qualify for an SFOC. Transport Canada officers and staff will assess each candidate on a case by case basis based on the applicant's intentions with UAS, training, experience, and demonstrated knowledge in the aviation and UAS field. 

This training may also help you towards a ground crew (observer) position in a commercial UAV operation.


The training program, will discuss your UAV system and build you to a level which will be suitable for your situation. If you have no experience flying manned aircraft or RC aircraft, you will need help. You will need guidance and training to avoid costly mistakes and potential serious injury, death, damage or lawsuits, fines or even jail time!UAV School Victoria BC Canada. Flight and pilot class

This licence (SFOC)  is for those who fly drones/UAV's or any RC aircraft, professionally and for hire, profit and/or any  benifit/monetary compensation. It requires the holders to understand basics of aviation, and safety as well as a certain level of UAV knowledge and experience.

 Product Support:

We are available to provide product support for our clients and those training with us.

Working with our partners, we will help you with any issues and questions you may have.


Some shots and video of our last UAS 101 class here!


 Note:The majority of airspace where UAV flights take place will be in "controlled" airspace. Potential conflicts may include, seaplanes, helicopters (both of which can operate below 400 feet) A UAV pilot or recreational pilot must understand how to mitigate these risk factors.





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