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Thermal and Visual Building Roof Inspection

 Advantages of Commercial RPAS in Thermography  Analysis?

Remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) offer much better results than hand-held infrared cameras. Advanced piloted drones can reduce/eliminate the angle of image acquisition (deflection and reflection errors) especially for high arrays such as overhead utilities and roof structures.

We can obtain much greater emissivity accuracy, clarity for qualitative or quantitative reporting using modern techniques with cutting edge drone technology.

With remotely piloted aircraft systems working from above, we can often get the entire roof subject area in one photo (RGB and Thermal) which is not possible with handheld equipment.

The thermal camera sensor is able to detect deterioration and thermal anomalies on roof structures early using proper inspection techniques. Thermal images are used with analysis tools readily available. We export professional thermal analytic reports and data for managers, roofers, and engineers. (See images).

In addition, Thermal RPAS are able to access areas hazardous to humans (IE steep inclined roof structures, high rise buildings and towers). This improves safety and eliminates WORK SAFE insurance and liability issues/costs while eliminating the risk of roof damages.

Our EV drones can assess the roof and detect water ingress which will show a higher temperature (thermal load) after sundown. RPAS deployment within 80 seconds (see video).

Detecting moisture issues in roof membranes sooner rather than later can save you big!

► Drone thermal roof moisture inspection, used properly, is a non-destructive and safe test method of buildings and roof structures. Contact us now




Roof Inspection and Thermography with Detailed, Professional, Qualitative Reports Ready for Export:



The RPAS/Drone Strategy:

► The new M2EA drone with 4K HR 48MP Still RGB and with dual thermal sensors can track, document and monitor your aging roof or envelope for trouble such as defects, cracks, leaks, decay, and water pooling.

►  We can record video and photograph the gutters, drains, downspouts and vents for proper water drainage.

►  Be "Powersmart" and use clean energy efficiently while cutting cut wasted or lost energy by detecting deficiencies in your building with our advnaced thermal technology.

► Routine aerial camera inspections and assessments can prevent major damage before it happens by detecting trouble in advance.

►  Inspect your roof or envelope the wise way! No need for ladders, risk of further damages, safety risks, scaffolds, or expensive and noisy motorized lifts with noise/air pollution. 



camera inspection of buildings exterior



zoom of defective building envelope with crack







Suspicious (cracked) area found (image bottom right) Documented by VAP's drones during post RGB photo analysis of high rise building envelope.

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