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Inspecting a building roof and roofing components with a proper drone is much easier and safer than climbing on a roof or climbing the ladder. Even for houses, our drones offer a safe low cost, and fast inspection method which we have proven works. (see our recent project Oct 2022 in Sidney, BC)

Our new specialized commercial inspection drone is able to scan the entire roof structure in a fraction of the time and document the HR photos for alayiss. 

Obviously stepping onto a roof is not only dangerous, but can damage a roof and loosen shingles furthur. The drone offers a non-invasive inspection technique. 


 mavic DJI enterprise inspection of roof victoria bc

Drone Roof Inspection Program Options:

1. Drone photos only. This option is the most economical.  It will involve the drone pilot getting specific photos (48MP) of the entire roof structure including rain gutters, drip edges, drains and grates, valleys, and vents. This is a good way to determain the gneral condition of them for possible maintanence. You can easily tell if they need to be cleaned, if drains are clear and at what exact location problems (if any) exist. 

2. Drone Photos with BC Building Inspector's Report: With this option you will get all of the above, plus an evaluation from a highly experienced and certified building inspector who will include the drone photos in the report. A estimated roof lifespan is included in the final report along with other suggestions for maintanace and so on. This option also includes a stiched together 2D map photo of the entire roof.

3. Drone Photos with Thermal report:  With this option you get the regular drone photos, a BC building Inspectors report and a thermal assessment of the roof membrane using radiometric thermal camera mounted on drone. This thermography workis done after sunset (weather permitting) to see if there are thermal indications of water presence and/or roof membrane defects and breaches. This is a non evasive advanced inspection technique and highly technical.

Roof inspection gutter rain drone sidney bc


How it works: 

1. Simply call us 250 507 6421 for a quotation with the address. We will file a flight plan (if required) and gather the images using our scanning techniques and certified commercial inspection drone. Our drone pilots are licenced certified in advanced operations and ensure ground safety and security with signage in in place. The visit to the property normally takes under 30 minutes!

2. While flying, the RPAS pilot flying will get close-in first hand looks at the high and hard to reach areas of the roof and gutters. Drone spotlights can help light up shadowy areas. This will mean an extreamly clear assessment later with high quality photos with incredible zoom in capability. 

3. After drone inspection completion, the data/images will be processed and can be delivered to the customer, inspector, roofer (and/or end user) via dropbox link for evaluation and review no matter what option you choose. This photo folder will include some nice oblique aerial photos of your property as well!

If you are getting a building report. It may take couples days to email you depending on our schedule.

While we can point out obvious visual issues (IE gutters filled, drains clogged, missing shingles), drone pilots and service providers at VAP DO NOT give advise on roof life remaining, or any other reports on building issues. Reports on the roofs condition and recommendations for remediation are left to the certified BC Building Inspector we have a cooperation with.Thermal scans of the roof

The Drone

We have two certified drones which are commercially geared for budiling inspeciton. These drones are not hobbist "off the shelf" drones. WE are capable of doing inspecitons in rain and wind up to 30MPH. 


 Contact us at 250 507 6421  Located in Saanichton, BC email straightline8@gmail.com 






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