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NEW! UAV Pilot Cadet Program.

Would you like to do a Transport Canada Certified SFOC drone flight immediately?

Applicants who have completed VAP's UAS 101 and 200 are now eligible for the VAP UAV Pilot Cadet Program. VAP drone pilot training cadet program

This program will allow selected candidates who have the demonstrated the right training and skill set to conduct SFOC certified UAV flights.

UAS 101 Class August 10-12 2018 (Summer Class!)

They may conduct these drone flights while they are under VAP's professional guidance and supervision, and do not personally require Transport Canada authorization.

The VAP cadet program allows the UAV pilot to get vital operational flight experience without the typical wait and delays of the Transport Canada SFOC application processes.

In addition, the UAV pilot cadet may take liberty to practice doing training operations while they develop their own company operating manual and work toward an SFOC application and UAV pilot permit.

How it Works:

Each UAV pilot Cadet participating in the program will report their UAS operation, as well as submit the specific flight plan to VAP management for oversight and approval. Trusted they meet all the safety criteria covered in the UAS training program, the cadet can then proceed with the flight immediately.

The approved cadet(s) names will be added to the VAP Company Operating Manual. 

The duration of the program is self-paced, but is expected to last an average of at least 3 months depending on the amount of flights conducted. This time is to allow the student to accommodate build up valuable UAV flight time and hours  necessary before moving on.UAV pilot training

Pleae contact the lead UAV flight instructor for more information at 250 883 4229 or via email


The Goal:

The goal of this program is to develop safer skies and more experienced commercial UAV pilots. It is primary geared to those who are starting out with the technology, but could be suitable for anyone interested in the industry and those would like to try it.

The program is also suitable for groups.

Cadets can conduct their own commercial UAS training operations with the ease of mind of doing so legally and safely.

By the end, the cadets will gain valuable dual/solo flight hours for their UAV pilot logbook.  They have tangible, quality experiance in a short time frame.Saanich Police Department UAV drone

These flights may be done on their own personal UAS/drone platform as they progress to more complex UAS operations on their own.


All students who have completed and paid for UAS 101 and/or 200 may now join other future classes for free!

The Advantage:

The lead instructor has around 1000 hours of complex UAV flight time. You can gain valuable insight, knowledge and experience while mitigating risk, avoiding common pitfalls in UAS operations.

Moreover paticipants can save frustrations and time which is money, and have fun in the process!

Talk to the a VAP staff member today and apply to the UAV Pilot Cadet program.SFOC Transport Canada Training UAV drone pilots Victoria, BC

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