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UAV/Drone Remote SensingDrone surveys and mapping projects

Use Unmanned Aircraft Sytems to monitor progress on your construction site, obtain accurate surveys and Orthomosaics. Using Ground Control Points, GPS and computer technology we now can achieve survey grade maps.

UAV images can be loaded and processed to cloud based software such as Pix4D


VAP in cooperation with a certified British Columbia Land Surveyor we work with to assist in achieve great results for our customers.

There’s a lot to keep track of on your job site — project progress, the location of equipment, the volume of materials left — and an aerial view makes it all a lot easier. 

You may also monitor site safety issues. Our UAV multi-rotor and expert pilot makes Remote Sensing more simple and in less time.



Analytics by Drone?  Aquire rich, high resolution topographic mapping, generating current and accurate 2D/3D models and their associated high resolution imagery.






In agriculture, it’s all about understanding what’s happening in the field, in order to increase yield and improve efficiency. Mapping with DroneDeploy gives growers and agronomists detailed insights about crops that would not be noticeable on foot or by traditional land-based methods.


How does the agriculture industry apply drones to everyday workflows?

  • Crop scouting. Using drones is a much quicker, simpler way of scouting crops to find irregularities and issues, so that you can reduce variability and solve problems faster.

    • Soil mapping: Identify crop variation and damage across an entire field in a matter of hours.

    • Irrigation optimization: Drone imagery helps identify irregularities in irrigation based on vegetative cover and other indicators that you can only see from overhead, so you can make adjustments and achieve irrigation uniformity.
    • Drainage repair: Fix drainage issues so that water is consistent across the crop.
    • Yield optimization: Make the right crop adjustments faster with instant data and detailed mapping.
    • Yield projections: Make accurate projections based on detailed, high-resolution mapping.
    • Nitrogen application: More easily see nitrogen deficiencies in your crops.
    • Emergence/Stand count: Determine if you need to replant in any areas.
    • Equipment malfunction detection: Catch equipment issues that result in uneven seeding, pesticides distribution or replanting or gaps in plants.
    • Pest issues: Determine if any areas are having pest issues, and assess the effectiveness of pest control strategies.


From aquiered datasets we can provide critical information for detailed engineering design, drainage analyses, and volumetrics for a variety of engineering applications in land development and management.


Call us now at 250 883 4229 or EMAIL at straightline8@gmail.com to book UAV/drone service. We cover Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainlandof BC.


Map Data. Processed In a Flash. 1000 km of highway mapped. Read the case study 



DMS of construction site

Next Generation Features for Aerial Mapping

Complex Data Collection. Simplified. Better Data in way less time.  Instant Inspection Analysis.

Whether you’re doing inspections with a UAV a new building or investigating an insurance claim, it’s important to capture accurate data quickly.

See how to use the elevation toolbox from drone maps here

Drone mapping is a powerful new tool for inspection — allowing you to safely and easily capture a high-resolution aerial view and orthomosaics of a site in minutes.

The UAV Helps Verify Earthwork at Hospital Construction Site. See Case Study

Back in the office, or out in the field, it’s easy to analyze high-fidelity reconstructions of sites, make measurements and share comments to help you make better and faster decisions.

UAV survey by aircraft for mapping

Customers can also use Drone-Generated 3D models to compare actual earthwork to site plans, estimate digs, tactics, work specifics, equipment requirements and more.

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