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RPAS (Remotely Pilot Aircraft Systems) Pilot programs. VAP Training Centre prepares you for Transport Canada regulations including RPAS "Basic" "Advanced" and SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate)


As of February, 2019 VAP's  David Carlos is RPAS Advanced Qualified and Flight Reviewer Endorsed by Transport Canada.


What is the best option? Call senior RPAS flight instructor David Carlos for a free consultation at 1 250 507 6421 Mon Fri 800-1500 PDT

The flight instructor and speaker David Carlos is also Transport Canada Standing SFOC certified and is an expert RPAS pilot/instructor with over 2500 hours of Complex RPA flight time and over 2000 students trained.  See our reviews below!

New Transport Canada regulations are in force as of June 1, 2019. The Cadidate's RPAS training is so important. RPAS 101 Advanced and 200 Pro will prepare student candidates for the written Transport Canada Advanced Exam as well as the Flight Review for small RPAS.  

Students in class for UAS instruction

Our Objectives:

RPAS 101 is designed teaching students the basic fundamental and foundational skills and practices needed in RPAS (Remotely Pilot Aircraft Systems) and their commercial operations. We strive to study how the systems are to be used in a competent manner, while being Transport Canada legally compliant.

Course study is based on  TP 15263 – Knowledge Requirements for Pilots of Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems (RPAS) 25 kg or Less, Operating within Visual Line of Sight

Our tried proven program will help ensure our RPAS operations are in "best practice" and public safety, and security are the priority.

The overall aim of the training programs is to make RPAS (Remotely Pilot Aircraft Systems) and their pilot's an overall benefit to humanity as they integrate safely into the public life and domain in the future.

Training Dates:

►   July 20-21, 2023 0900-1500

►   Sept 22-23, 2023  0900-1500

►   Oct 20-21, 2023  0900-1500

►   Nov 17-18, 2023  0900-1500


We now have a RPAS Student Ground School Kit we recommend to all training participants. Order Kit here.

What RPAS 101 -200 graduates are saying:

"Great course. I just wanted to thank you for letting Jacob and I participate in the UAS 101 course. I took the Advanced RPAS exam the next day after and passed."  Alec Krawciw, Engineering student & President, University of Victoria Aero Club, Victoria BC November, 2019

"I had wanted to follow up with you on my own UAV journey thus far! Most importantly, I am so appreciative of your expertise and teaching, which was incredibly valuable to me when it came to completing my SFOC application and survey work. I feel like I had a good grasp of contingency planning and having thorough checklists to be prepared for all circumstances. Had a couple of flyaway incidences, and we were able to calmly fly our UAV back in ATTI mode!"  Angel Chen, MSc Candidate, Arctic Landscape Ecology Lab, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC

"David, Thanks for the training course yesterday for myself, David A. Hill, Gurp Thandi and Daniel Perrakis.  We found it informative with lots of useful information and gained a better appreciation of the preparation, hazards, and appropriate actions to safely pilot UAV-Drones. In addition, the checklists you provided will prove useful for developing checklists for the Mavic Pro. "  J. A. (Tony) Trofymow, Ph.D. Research Scientist, Canadian Forest Service Natural Resources Canada, Government of Canada  Victoria, BC  April, 2018 

"Great course David, enjoyed it and learned lots of practical material. We now have our  first SFOC and can see how useful the training was as we are operating near an aerodrome."  Christopher  Narver, Fisheries Technician, Resource Management, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Government of Canada,  Kamloops, BC  March, 2018

"Thank-you very much for hosting the UAS 101 course at UBC's Okanagan Campus for the UBCO Aero Club in February, 2017. Your course was very thorough and informative and we learned  a lot about UAV's and their safe and lawful operation. With this knowledge, we will now be able to fly our UAV's responsibly and safely. We hope that you can return in the coming years to train new and upcoming club members and we look forward to working with you and Victoria Air Photos and Survey in the future. Thanks again for a great course!"  Blago Hristovski, President, The UBCO Aero Club March, 2017

"As an active Airline Transport Pilot, I expected to have a base knowledge going into this course. Anyone who is considering or interested in becoming a UAV operator, whether for personal or commercial use, needs to take the course offered by David Carlos.  David is extremely knowledgeable and delivers the material in a clear, concise, yet passionate manner.  He is able to teach material to a wide variety of audiences and does so with respect and integrity.  He is working hard to further the professionalization of UAV operations.   His professionalism is reflected in not only his personal UAV work, but as an educator in the field.  I learnt more than I expected and I would absolutely recommend his course.  It was a pleasure working with him."  Tase Lyrintzis, ATP (Airline Transport Pilot)

"Mr. Carlos is a highly professional and extremely competent pilot and systems user of UAV’s. His insight and direction for how our department should look into the UAV world has been invaluable. He has participated with us on a few emergency calls and was fast, efficient, and fit well into our emergency services structure."  Geoff Spriggs, BA MA  Assistant Fire Chief, Langford Fire Rescue Langford, BC June, 2016

"Hi David, Thanks for an excellent course a couple weeks back. I learned a lot in such a short time!" Randy K Scharien Assistant Professor Department of Geography, University of Victoria, BC April, 2016

“Really ejoyed seeing David with full gear on first day of class…he showed the importance of safety and professionalism of UAV operators. David was great at answering all questions, showing both his experience and knowledge.”  Christ Lai, Royal Roads University graduate/entrepreneur, Victoria, BC November, 2015                                                                                                               

"Thanks very much for this course,  and all of your help. I was able to acquire a blanket permit a few days ago, which is what the end goal was from the training I took from you back in June. Couldn’t have done it so quickly without you."  David Retzer, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Kamloops, BC June 2015                                                                                                                                                                          

  See more reviews ....                              

Instructor outside giving UAS training

Considerations of what an RPAS pilot must know

  • A commercial RPAS pilot should be an expert in the aviation field and possess fundamental understanding of the complex aviation world. A commercial pilot must have the ability to take off, fly, and land a RPA manually (LOS or FPV) with complete confidence and ease. The pilot must also be able to communicate with ATS competently

  • A RPA pilot's understanding of meteorology is also critical for safe flight and decision making

  • PIlots must understand air navigation including aeronautical chart reading, position reporting and situational awareness

  • A RPAS pilot should understand and have the ability to manage complex computers, command and ground control stations (GCS), program autopilot, flight controllers and use various software/firmware applications

  • CRM Crew Resource Management. RPAS pilots must understand key points about crew and pilot management and communications strategies


Privacy & Issues of RPAS

A RPAS pilot must be aware of privacy and public relations issues that come with drone applications. The RPAS can be a magnet for media attention.  The pilot must be aware of standards and practices set in place to always respect privacy. This will be covered and discussed in the course.


UAS Instructor with UAV and flight in progress sign by the ocean



Call 250 507 6421 or email us at straightline8@gmail.com for assistance



RPAS Online/In-Person Option: $875 + gst ***New Online Option***

RPAS 200 Pro Advanced and Practical Sessions: $1075 +gst 

RPAS 101 & 200 Combo Cost: $1875 + gst  (group discounts may apply)

ROC-A Course details here


YouTube Link to Global News Reports on inportance of UAS 101 (multi-rotor) May, 2015

Global News Reports on inportance of UAS 101 (multi-rotor) May, 2015

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CBC News Interview on RPAS 101 with David Carlos May, 2015

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CTV NEWS on 3 day UAS Training Program

We believe in 3 components of training and expertise.

  • Knowledge (Class work, books, lectures and so on)

  • Experience (Actual hands on experience, hours logged flying aircraft, manned or unmanned)

  • Equipment (The actual UAV, aircraft, radio system, UAS/ground station/GCS)


While money can buy very capable RPAS equipment, it cannot buy the 1. knowledge, and 2. experience and time necessary to safely operate unmanned aerial vehicles. Solid training is needed.


See related links with commerical UAV pilot David Carlos speaking publicly to the news media about RPAS and other drone issues


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