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"Explore and discover the Earth by non-evasive and non-destructible means with modern technology employed by Victoria Air Photos and Survey"



Archaeogeophysical surveys (geophysical surveys done for archaeological reasons) are increasingly being planned and commissioned for, both for small and large scale archeological and geo-physical investigations. Detailed surveys using geophysical methods can help supplement information from archaeological excavations or even lead to major archaeological breakthroughs. Additionally, geophysical surveys can prove useful as reconnaissance projects over large areas to quickly asses their potential for archaeological structures/artifacts.

These new state of the art sensor arrays have applications in the oil and gas industry, geo thermal discoveries for clean energy solutions, mineral exploration and much more as well!

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DESCRIPTION of Drone Capable Magnetometry Sensor: 

VAP can fly the MagArrow II which is the second generation of the best-selling UAS-enabled drone magnetometer made in the USA. It’s setting a new standard for UAS magnetic surveys in Canada and around hte world.



Victoria Air Photos and Survey's new sensor array is engineered to simplify surveys that are difficult due to the various limitations of pilot-on-board surveys and ground surveys. The MagArrow is a robust yet flexible system that can adapt to changing field conditions and new user workflows.

The sensor consists of an aerodynamic, light-weight carbon fiber shell with internal electronics including the MFAM™ magnetic sensors, GPS, and IMU. The MFAM™, a two sensor module inside the MagArrow is our most groundbreaking magnetometer yet, capable of highly precise measurements in an extremely lightweight and tiny package.Operation in the field is simple. Survey details are programmed into the user’s UAS software of choice. The MagArrow is turned on, and once airborne, preprogrammed GPS waypoints carry the MagArrow in altitude stable survey lines. Once work is completed, data from the MagArrow can be wirelessly downloaded to a computer.

The MagArrow can be attached easily to our M300 RTK drone platform as payload, and the MagArrow’s 1000 Hz sample rate and synchronized on-board GPS allow it to function independently of the drone and the RPAS software.


"With such a fast sample rate, surveys can be completed at speeds up to 10 m/s with samples collected every 1 cm. Revolutionize your magnetic surveying capabilities with the Geometrics MagArrow!"

Spec Sheet: 



  • No Dropouts!: Reliable high quality data no matter the sensor orientation.
  • UAS Agnostic: Attachable to most enterprise UAVs and can be used on the ground
  • Lightweight: Weighs only 1.2 kg for easy deployment.
  • Self-Contained: GPS, storage, and WiFi on board. No data connections to UAV needed.
  • Super-Fast Sampling Rate: Fly faster and filter out UAV motor noise.
  • Long Battery Life: 2 hours of battery life will outlast multiple UAV flights. Hot swappable
  • New! External Power Button: No need to open the compartment to reset or cycle power. Ground based capable as well



    Ground based magnetometer sensor mineral medal detection













  • In-Accessible Terrain: Difficult of dangerous terrain is no problem for the MagArrow, making it perfect for surveying wetlands, heavily vegetated areas, extreme terrain, or protected lands.
  • Environmental: Find abandoned wells, pipes, and storage tanks quickly and with precise positioning.
  • Archaeology: Survey vast distances and leave potential archaeology sites undisturbed with the MagArrow.
  • Geology: Survey for regional variations in the magnetic field with the MagArrow.
  • UXO Detection: Traveling at high speed with a fast sample rate, our MagArrow is the perfect tool to survey sites for detection and delineation of UXO.
 Data/Sensor Testing & Analytics at Test Range:
medal detection and deliverables drone RPAS

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