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New 2021-2022! The VAP High School Online RPAS Education  Program

High School drone learning


 Fall and Winter Course Online  2021-2022

VAP is partnering with homeschool providers and others to include an interactive, online course designed to teach Junior and Senior high school students (age 12-17) the rudiments and fundamentals of drones RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems).


What you will study:

Course content will include  elementary and intermediate  principles of drone flight, mechanics/systems, air navigation, situational awareness, meteorology and much more.  In addition, at the end of the program, there is a practical class session on the field offering the students a hands-on experience flying a commercial drone in coach mode!

There will also be a written exam at the end of the course.


Course Objectives:

The goal of the new educational program will be to enable to students to meet the requirements Transport Canada “Basic and Advanced” drone certification and learn much more about this exiting new field.

Successful candidates will have obtained a certificate at the end of the program to use in various vocational settings.

TC Certifed instructor pilot David Carlos has been a drone/UAV/RPAS  instructor since 2014 and trained over 2000 RPAS pilots since that time.

Note: Minimum age for drone Transport Canada certification is 14 for “Basic”, and 16 for “Advanced” however students can begin training earlier. high school remote online learning of drones electives


Dates and times Fall Term 2021:

Tuesdays 0900-1015 starting Sept 21, 2021, to Dec 6, 2021. Interactive Zoom Lecture with RPAS Instructor David Carlos.  Space Available

December 11, 2021 0900-1400 Practical Field Day  (Total of 12, 1 1/4 hour lecture sessions, plus 1 day field practicum)


Dates and Times Winter  Term 2022:

Tuesdays 0900-1015 starting Jan 4, 2022, to April 5, 2022. Interactive Zoom Lecture with RPAS Instructor David Carlos. Space Available

April 9, 2022, 0900-1400 Practical Field Day (Total of 12, 1 1/4 hour lecture sessions, plus 1 day field practicum)



Registration, prerequisites and Fees:

  • ► Requests for course admision must be made in writting via email at straightline8@gmail.com
  • All students must have good health or a doctors note concerning any underlining health conditions. (IE eyesight, hearing...)
  • Students must be registered in highschool, homeschool, or online remote learning from an accredited institution
  • Students should have a practice drone (under 250 grams)


Fees: $375 plus GST.    (Note: financial aid or assistance may be available.) 

(Class size limited to 10 participants)



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