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 Surveying with RPAS and RTK

 Pix 4D Cadastre Drone Mapping Project


 Mapping of dam using Ground Control Points for survey grade data exports.



How Accurate is the Phantom 4 RTK?

Measurement Accuracy of the DJI Phantom 4 RTK & Photogrammetry


Over the past few years, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – more commonly known as drones – have increasingly become a popular tool for aerial data collection in construction, surveying, mining, and insurance. Utilizing photogrammetry, companies capture aerial imagery and generate valuable insights from large data sets, making it possible to see and measure the changes occurring over time on job sites, mines, and properties.


In this white paper, DroneDeploy investigates the ways to validate and improve the accuracy of photogrammetric maps with DJI’s Phantom 4 RTK (P4 RTK), a drone that applies RTK technology to aerial imagery. To test the accuracy of the P4 RTK, DroneDeploy created a control point system for a rooftop building survey.

Then, 30+flights were logged – each exploring the effect of flight altitude, overlap, and number of images – and processed using DroneDeploy’s Map Engine. These data sets were then used to calculate both the horizontal and vertical accuracy of the measured points, along with the accuracy of linear measurements.


Download this white paper to learn:


·  The measurement accuracy results of the DJI Phantom 4 RTK compared to the Phantom 4 Pro


·  How the Phantom 4 RTK can reduce costs associated with traditional survey workflows


·  The best practices for producing highly accurate drone maps with DroneDeploy and the DJI Phantom 4 RTK


·   How to capture ground control data and ensure the accuracy of your drone maps


 Full Download Report Here


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Unmanned aircraft Survey victoria bc







  The Concept:

UAVs are quickly becoming an integral part of every surveyor’s toolkit. Survey teams see huge time savings and decreased costs thanks to UAV technology.

In some cases, sites can be surveyed 20x faster than they would through traditional ground methods.

Not only do drones increase efficiency, but for many surveyors, drones can be a safer choice too.


How can drones help surveyors?UAV drone survey drone deploy victoria bc Canada

  • Create topographic maps: Use drone data to save time and lower costs while creating accurate topographic maps.
  • Produce survey-grade maps: When paired with powerful drone mapping software, and ground control points, drones can produce survey-grade maps and accurate 3D models in hours, as opposed to days.
  • Improve safety: Reduce the amount of time crews spend walking sites or navigating dangerous areas.
  • Lower costs: Lower costs for yourself and your clients by performing surveys in a fraction of the time compared to traditional ground methods.
  • Integrate with industry software for additional analysis: Drone maps and models can be easily imported into most industry software. As a surveyor, you can provide your clients with additional information that they may not otherwise have, like 3D models that can be used for inspection and compliance.



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