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Online UAV/RPAS Training Program.


Solid RPAS pilot training by experienced professionals. VAP is now introducing online training optionOnline UAS RPAS Training program Victoria Air Photos, Drone course s which hybrid to our in-class sessions.

VAP’s chief instructor, David Carlos is an expert in the RPAS/Drone field, and has well over 2000 hours of complex RPAS flight time. See our Reviews.

Carlos is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and expertise in the field to enhance RPAS safety and best practice for drone pilots. 

As of October of 2018, Victoria Air Photos (Training Division) is now expanding our RPAS pilot training to include online instruction options.

These online courses will not sacrifice any of material and content we cover in our traditional 3-day proven RPAS 101 program done in person.


Coupons/Discounts to our New Online Courses:

****NEW RPAS 101 "Online Package" includes all of the coures with interactive live session and flight practical. http://victoriaairphotos.com/online-courses.html****


#1  RPAS 101 "Intro to Multi-Rotors"

This is our most poular, content rich course which will take you about 2-days to get through. The basic rudiments and fundamentals of RPAS are covered in this course. They are designed to prepare you for the Advanced RPAS Pilot Certificate and Flight Review.

Lectures and videos you will see on the course inlcude those which have been taken from our actual training sessions to assist you in learning. Subject matter including RPAS navigation, flight theory  meteorology, systems and instruments, emergency procedures, and SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) are all covered in detail.


#3  RPAS "Flight Review Prep"

This complete course prepares RPAS Advanced Candidates for the Flight Review. The course is taught by a TC Flight Reviewer. Quizzes and downloadable SOP models included.


Online courses have some advantages, including the ability reach to those who live far away from our training centre, and they can be self-paced.

There has never been a better time to get started in the RPAS industry or make a career out of it. The need for qualified RPA pilots is only forecasted to increase dramatically over the next 10 years.

As of June 1 2019, Transport Canada is also in the process of rolling out new drone regulations based on TP15263. This is governing drones/RPAS pilot knowledge and training requirements.

These new drone regulations now include a detailed exam for Advanced, commercial pilots. The online courses will allow the RPAS operator to be ready for these changes which go into force heading into 2019.

VAP Training has trained well over 2000 student pilots since 2013 and have great reviews from many successful drone operators currently flying across the country.

We foresee the online drone training program being equally or even better received once we are ready to launch.

Thanks, David Carlos RPAS Pilot/Instructor/Reviewer.


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