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RPAS/UAV Drone Flight Instruction

 VAP has been training UAV (now RPAS) pilots successfully since 2013.

Transport Canada flight review testing for drone pilots and RPAS advanced

 As of November 2018, VAP Training will be offering separate courses which focus solely on flight training. This workshop has been designed to enhance the student sRPAS  hand on experience and prepare them for future Transport Canada "Flight Reviews" which will come into effect and be mandatory for advanced UAV/RPAS pilots.

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The VAP training facility is located at a private, safe and secured drone practice area located in Saanichton, BC. The field is complete with a drone landing pad, and other features.

We also are equipped with a nearby shelter, restrooms, and space for pre and post flight briefings. The facility has full amenities for your comfort.Private secured area to fly drones for training and testing

 Our Vision:

Student pilots from all walks and with all kinds experience levels will able to attend sessions at the practice area. They will build up their skills and log hours flying RPAS in a secured area.

If you do not have a suitable drone, it will be an option for students to train on one of our own platforms, including the DJI Inspire 1. Students will train in "coach mode" which allows the flight instructor to override the students' RC inputs if necessary.   

This course will be fun and a great way to prepare you for your Transport Canada Flight Review which will be a certificate requirement for new advanced commercial RPAS pilots and their operations.

The 1 Day Basic course outline will include focus on the following:

 1.       Basic standard UAS operation procedures

2.       Basic drone handling and flight maneuvering

3.       Landing and take off obstacle avoidance

4.       Flying to a fixed POI (Point of Interest) and orbiting

5.       Practice intelligent (smart) orientation modes and AI

6.       Flying manual (non GPS mode)

7.       Emergency drills and contingency planning

8.       ATS communication and NOTAMS

Cost for 1 Day training camp: $299.00


                                             Advanced TrainingStudent UAV RPAS training program online Victoria, BC

 1.       Advanced maneuvering and aerial photography lessons

  2.       Advanced waypoint navigation planning and mapping using the GCS

  3.       Payloads and slings

4.       Precautionary landings and lost link

5.       Night flight session

6.       Extended line of sight with visual observer

7.       Flying RAPS FPV and using instruments/telemetry only

8.       Build up real sRPAS flight time









 Prerequisites for RPAS Flight Training

1.   Students should have at lease 5 hours of logged sRPA/ UAV flying experience (indoors or outdoors) and 5 hours approved simulator training

2.   Students should have their own sRPA kit or make arrangements to rent VAP's DJI Inspire 1v2 training multi-rotor provided

3.   Certificate of ground school training. VAP's UAS 101 Ground School training program (in class or online) or equivalent training (subject to approval)

4.   Minimum 14 years of age

5.   Good medical health and fitness

6.   Government approved photo ID 




Call your flight instructor directly at 250 883 4229, Skype Name david.carlos90 for more information, or email here



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