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 VAP Used Drones Webpage 2019


If you have a used drone you would like to buy or sell, check out our online store. This page will be refreshed with current and pending listings.

Drones bought or sold by VAP will be vetted and tested for safety and reliability. We have access to an authorized practice area for test operations.

Used Drones Sales

Advantages or buying a drone used:

  1. 1.Be able to test fly your drone before you buy it. One cannot do this with a drone off the shelf
  2. 2. Save money on the cost of a new drone
  3. 3. Save time as the drone does not need to be set up out of the box
  4. 4. Fly a proven aircraft with a good track record and without glitches from the factory
  5. 5. Get a familiarization flight from seller


Do you have a drone you never use or cannot due to Transport Canada regulations? Have you lost interest and want to sell? Call David at 250 883 4229 or email straightline8@gmail.com   Please email photos and specs of drone you would like to sell.

Note: We only buy and sell drones capable of photography or commercial work which are over 250 grams. (DJI Phantom series, 3DR, Inspire Series, Dragonflyer and so on)


Current Drones for sale:

DJI Inspire V1 with 2 RCs and 3 Batteries.......... $2000.00 See ad

DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus  with RC needs battery.........   $450.00

DJI Phantom 1 with 4 Baterries and RC................................$1950.00

DJI Phantom 4 Pro radio Controller.......................................$275.00







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